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Extended Access to Primary Care

From the 3rd April 2018 this practice is taking part in the GP extended access service which is provided from three sites in Bradford as follows;

Picton Medical Centre, Westbourne Green Community Health Care Centre

Shipley Medical Practice

The Ridge Medical Practice

This means you will offered the opportunity to attend an evening appointment (after 6.30pm) or a weekend appointment at one of the three sites to see a healthcare professional or to take part in other activities that will improve your health and wellbeing.

This service is run by Bradford Care Alliance, which represents most GP practices in the Bradford area. Medical appointments are with GPs and other healthcare staff who work in the area; therefore your appointment may not be with a clinician from this practice.

To use the service we will ask for your consent to share your medical record with the extended access service. When you are offered an appointment our receptionists will talk to you about what this means and why it is necessary.


North Hub – Shipley Medical Practice


Central Hub – Picton Medical Practice, Westbourne Green Community Health Care Centre


South Hub – The Ridge Medical Practice


We are pleased to offer Online Appointments for our Great Horton, Wibsey and Buttershaw surgeries.

If you have not yet registered:

Online appointments can be booked quickly and easily wherever you are, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

To access the appointment system via SystmOnline, you will need to fill out a Registration Request form which can be obtained from our Reception desk.

Please bring with you an approved form of identification (Passport, Photocard Driving License or Birth Certificate). Our Receptionists will then be able to register you and give you your login details.

To register you must attend in person and be aged 16 or over.

Once you have obtained your login details from Reception, simply login to SystmOnline

Staff numbers increased and high capacity telephone system introduced

We provide what is known as ‘advanced access appointments service’. In essence, this means that we provide clinical care in a range of ways, which should mean that you get better access to clinicians.  Reception staff are required to ask you a few questions to gather more information for the doctor before they add you onto the telephone triage rota for that day. The doctor will return your call sometime throughout the morning (please note that we will be unable to give you a specific time). The doctor will then discuss with you if they need to see you in the surgery or if they are able to treat you over the phone.

  • For a same day appointment at our Great Horton surgery you should call 01274 425600 at 8.15 any morning, Monday to Friday
  • For a same day appointment at our Wibsey surgery you should call 01274 425600 between 8.15 and 9.30 any morning, Monday to Friday
  • For a same day appointment at our Buttershaw surgery you should call 01274 321888 between 8.30 and 10.00 any morning, Monday to Friday
  • From 8.15am until 9.30am each day, our receptionists will ONLY take calls to book same day appointments and for requests for home visits
  • If you need to book a routine follow-up appointment with a particular GP you can make an appointment up to two weeks in advance. Please phone after 9.30 am to avoid busy times. Many routine appointments are for patients who have a long-term or chronic condition that needs monitoring on a regular basis
  • You can also call in to the surgery in person to book appointments at Reception at any time from 8.15am – 6.00pm
  • Please note that phones are always busy at 8.15am and you may get the engaged tone. We have a large team taking calls at that time and a number of lines into the surgery so please keep trying and you will get through before long and our staff will be on hand to help you
  • If you need a home visit, please try and request this before 10.30am  so that the GP team can plan and prioritise their workload accordingly
  • Receptionists are told to ask for as much information as possible in order that requests can be given the necessary priority
  • If you are housebound and need help, District Nurses are available for home visits and may be able to offer you the support you need

If we are fully booked

Demand varies from day to day, and we only have a set number of appointments, so there may be some occasions when we have allocated all the appointments for a particular day.

If this is the case when you ring, you will be asked if the problem is urgent and needs to be dealt with today. If, in your opinion, it is urgent you will receive a call back from a trained clinician who will assess the urgency of your need and make the necessary arrangements to treat you appropriately.

We always encourage our patients to contact us if they are concerned, but there are times when there is no need to see a GP and where you can and should manage with Common Ailments Information Leaflets. The linked Information Sheets gives guidance on treating coughs, colds, sore throat, earache, diarrohea & vomiting, conjunctivitis and constipation among others.

If you have an appointment and are unable to keep it for any reason, please make sure you ring to cancel so someone else can make use of that valuable time.

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